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Champagne Spoon ‘Let’s celebrate!”

First of all, THIS WORKS!

Here’s the science. The teaspoon  acts as a temperature regulator, as it absorbs the warm air from the neck of the bottle. The air around the teaspoon now gets colder and as cold air is denser than warmer air, the teaspoon creates a kind of air stopper, preventing the gas from escaping. If you put a metal spoon into the neck of a bottle of your favourite fizz and put it in the fridge whilst you are sipping your glass, the cold temperature  it creates retains more carbon dioxide and the teaspoon holds some metallic merit for several hours and at least overnight, allowing you a Buck’s Fizz for breakfast!

Even if you drink it all in one go, this is a perfect present to give with a celebration bottle of prosecco or champagne!


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